Feb 222012

A few nights ago we got together to film something for a Kickstarter video. The campaign launches in about a week, and there’s a lot do do. Usually, I’d have a blast filming a finger puppet show. Or I imagine I would. This was fun enough, but as actors finger puppets can be a lot more temperamental than I suspected. And after shooting all night my fingers were barking.

Pictured: Ryan Parker (DP on our upcoming Woman’s Picture feature film, ONLY CHILD), Amy LaVere (one of the actors in the film), me, Savannah Bearden (regular Evelyn Avenue collaborator and producer), and Drew Paslay (also featured in ONLY CHILD). Behind the scenes here: Dave Wells on camera, Ben Rednour on sound.

ONLY CHILD shoots in April. Joining Amy and Drew in the cast are Grace Zabriskie, Lindsey Roberts, Angela Dee, and Cheryl Wolder.

 Posted by on February 22, 2012