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(Please note: the draw has been extended until Monday morning, December 8. Winner will be announced then)

The other night, a friend texted me from a party. She couldn’t remember the name of a fragrance she was wearing, and everyone there kept asking about it, drunk on the scent. It was Carillon Pour Un Ange, I reminded her. I get this a lot, because I introduce Tauer perfumes to many people┬ájust as they’re first dipping their noses into the cosmos of scent. And the reaction to a Tauer is always very strong and favorable. They’re scents you remember, even if you can’t remember that tricky name. This woman had a bottle because a friend we share had been introduced to the scent through me, then bought his mother some, then some for himself, then our friend. Another friend I’d introduced to the scent showed up at a summer get together last year radiating a good foot ahead of herself. Already she was worried, thinking ahead, about running out. It made her very nervous. She couldn’t imagine not smelling that way, or receiving that many compliments as a matter of routine. The scent altered her social landscape in a way she’d become dependent on.

One night, the writer Barbara Herman was in town and I had some friends over to sniff perfume. They were essentially newbies. They’d smelled department store scents. I trotted out at least fifty fragrances, probably more. We smelled for I guess about four or five hours. Again, probably more. The Tauer scents I have are in a special cabinet and I hadn’t pulled them out and at some point I realized my guests hadn’t smelled any of those, so I carried in five or so. Everything kicked up a notch. They went from one to the next and back again; each was even better, the definitive favorite, until they smelled another. Barbara and I are so jaded. We exchanged knowing looks, because, you know, we’ve seen this a million times. We’ll never have that shock of the new back.

When another friend contributed to the kickstarter campaign for my film Only Child, she was given a purse spray of Loretta. This made her curious about Andy’s scents, so she went to Luckyscent and ordered samples. A month later she was a sophisticate with her own bottle of L’Air du Desert Morocain.

I could tell you more. It happens all the time for me. But when the Tauer Advent calendar starts every year I try to remember as many of those friends as I can, so I can encourage them to try their luck.

Tauer scents are, you probably know, special. And the advent calendar is a month long celebration and communion revolving around them.

This year, the draw here on Evelyn Avenue is for a Tauer Explorer set, three 15ml bottles of your choice from the Tauer line.

I’m keeping it pretty simple. To qualify, list a few of your highlights from 2014: cinema, art, perfume, your choice.

Please note: The draw is worldwide. Some exceptions are Spain, Croatia, Russia, and Greece. Tauer cannot ship to those places. The prizes will be shipped for free from Switzerland by Fedex. Local taxes, VAT and import fees may apply and are not covered by Tauer. The winner is responsible for making sure he/she is allowed to import the prize. The winner’s address remains confidential and is only used by Tauer to deliver the prize.

I will conduct the draw the┬ámorning of Monday, December 8. At that time I’ll email the winner and announce the conclusion.

Best of luck.

Above is an image from a documentary called Best of Enemies, which premieres at the next Sundance festival. The movie looks at the the infamous series of debates conducted between Gore Vidal and William F. Buckley, Jr. in the 60s, during which the two exchanged now legendary barbs. The film hasn’t been shown yet, but it’s my favorite, because…I can.

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