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(Please note: the draw has been extended until Monday morning, December 8. Winner will be announced then)

The other night, a friend texted me from a party. She couldn’t remember the name of a fragrance she was wearing, and everyone there kept asking about it, drunk on the scent. It was Carillon Pour Un Ange, I reminded her. I get this a lot, because I introduce Tauer perfumes to many people just as they’re first dipping their noses into the cosmos of scent. And the reaction to a Tauer is always very strong and favorable. They’re scents you remember, even if you can’t remember that tricky name. This woman had a bottle because a friend we share had been introduced to the scent through me, then bought his mother some, then some for himself, then our friend. Another friend I’d introduced to the scent showed up at a summer get together last year radiating a good foot ahead of herself. Already she was worried, thinking ahead, about running out. It made her very nervous. She couldn’t imagine not smelling that way, or receiving that many compliments as a matter of routine. The scent altered her social landscape in a way she’d become dependent on.

One night, the writer Barbara Herman was in town and I had some friends over to sniff perfume. They were essentially newbies. They’d smelled department store scents. I trotted out at least fifty fragrances, probably more. We smelled for I guess about four or five hours. Again, probably more. The Tauer scents I have are in a special cabinet and I hadn’t pulled them out and at some point I realized my guests hadn’t smelled any of those, so I carried in five or so. Everything kicked up a notch. They went from one to the next and back again; each was even better, the definitive favorite, until they smelled another. Barbara and I are so jaded. We exchanged knowing looks, because, you know, we’ve seen this a million times. We’ll never have that shock of the new back.

When another friend contributed to the kickstarter campaign for my film Only Child, she was given a purse spray of Loretta. This made her curious about Andy’s scents, so she went to Luckyscent and ordered samples. A month later she was a sophisticate with her own bottle of L’Air du Desert Morocain.

I could tell you more. It happens all the time for me. But when the Tauer Advent calendar starts every year I try to remember as many of those friends as I can, so I can encourage them to try their luck.

Tauer scents are, you probably know, special. And the advent calendar is a month long celebration and communion revolving around them.

This year, the draw here on Evelyn Avenue is for a Tauer Explorer set, three 15ml bottles of your choice from the Tauer line.

I’m keeping it pretty simple. To qualify, list a few of your highlights from 2014: cinema, art, perfume, your choice.

Please note: The draw is worldwide. Some exceptions are Spain, Croatia, Russia, and Greece. Tauer cannot ship to those places. The prizes will be shipped for free from Switzerland by Fedex. Local taxes, VAT and import fees may apply and are not covered by Tauer. The winner is responsible for making sure he/she is allowed to import the prize. The winner’s address remains confidential and is only used by Tauer to deliver the prize.

I will conduct the draw the morning of Monday, December 8. At that time I’ll email the winner and announce the conclusion.

Best of luck.

Above is an image from a documentary called Best of Enemies, which premieres at the next Sundance festival. The movie looks at the the infamous series of debates conducted between Gore Vidal and William F. Buckley, Jr. in the 60s, during which the two exchanged now legendary barbs. The film hasn’t been shown yet, but it’s my favorite, because…I can.

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  1. My highlight of 2014 was getting my PhD in zoology. Nothing else could beat that feeling this year being told you have passed after years of slaving away!

  2. Some of my favorite movies of this years are Interstellar, Nightcrawler, No Turning Back, Enemy

  3. Wow…you are so right about “Carillon Pour Un Ange”, it’s a scent to remember! This perfume is one of my 2014 highlights and I can’t wait to have a full bottle of this piece of art, next year.

  4. I have found a few interesting fragrances from old classics – and I like them very much. It s Jean Patou 1000, J. Scherrer Jean-Louis Scherrer, Shalimar and Mitsouko. But I love also new fragrances – Burberry Body, Estee Lauder Very Estee, I found out last bottle of Addict in the shop and bought it for good price. Its so easy to find new favorites in perfumes! And other highlights of 2014? Nothing special, just 2 weeks spent in Hungary and Poland, meeting new people and making a lot of new friends there.:-)

  5. Phi de Kandahar, but also Cuir Altesse by David Jourquin came into my life.
    And I went to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam which was fabulous. And a perfume group on Facebook gave me many fragrant friends!!!! For me no day without perfume!!!!

  6. My highlight of the year 2014 was meeting up with some of my online ‘fume friends’ in real life. The first half year hasn’t been easy. My mom died as well as my mother in law within two months, both very unexpectedly. I’ve became friends online with a few ladies on a perfume forum, and they’ve helped me so much just by being there and listen. I’d already met them earlier but meeting them again in May meant so much for me. When we meet we always spend the whole day visiting perfume stores and smelling new things, eating together, drinking coffee and talk, talk, talk! It was so nice doing fun stuff and enjoying their company for that day. I’m looking back on it with great joy <3

  7. My highlights of this year are getting a new job, being able to do a road trip all through U.S.A with a good friend, was absolutely amazing and the people there are so friendly. The last highlight of this year for me has to be the birth of my nephew he brings so much joy and happiness to my life. thanks for the draw

  8. Love the look of that documentary! A cinema highlight and daft memory for me this year was going to see ‘Gravity’ in 3D. I hadn’t read anything about the movie prior to seeing it, other than knowing it starred two great comic actors, Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. So, there I was, sat in the middle with special specs…….waiting for the laughs …

  9. Fragrant highlights from 2014 at our house include a new recipe for gingerbread and the smell of nasturtium flowers in our front garden. The nasturtiums keep blooming this year and are unusually fragrant for this type of flower.

  10. Guardians of the Galaxy was a very very pleasant surprise for me this year

  11. Highlights of 2014: Vero Profumo Rozy, the discovery of Tauer Une Rose Chyprée and the birth of my second daughter. Thank you for hosting the draw and good luck to everyone!

  12. Thanks for your part in Andy’s Advent Calendar. This year I had the opportunity to visit Asheville, NC-what an art filled town. Lots of artists,and the beauty of nature all around.

  13. Now you have me desperate to try Carillon Pour Un Ange. Off to track some down and thanks again for the drawing!

  14. Vetiver Dance! And Vetiver in general were big for me this year.

  15. The Grand Budapest Hotel was a really good film.I enjoyed it.
    Thanks and happy holidays!

  16. My favourites this year were not necessarily released this year but they include the book Pale King, seeing the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Richard the Second in film version, also the Indian Indie film Ship of Theseus and getting addicted to Danish drama series – Forbrydelsen, Borgen and Bron/Broen. And did I mention 2014 is the year I acquired my first Andy Tauer bottle – Le Maroc Pour Elle although I am not sure if I shouldn’t have gotten Rosy Chypre or even Incense Rose or even Rose Vermeille.

  17. This was a challenging year for me with many epic losses. A highlight was my first ever trip to Paris. And I’m not even kidding about this, Andy’s advent is a highlight too! It really puts me in the mood for Christmas.

  18. hi from Switzerland, cold, already dark and awaiting snow. İ’ve been smelling it for a couple of days:)

    my favourites this year:

    there are the wonderful songs of great american songbook, interpreted by Lady Gaga and Tony Bennet, that have made me dance and sing for the last couple of weeks.

    then, there are some Tauer scents İ’m falling in love with, my favourite so far is Charillon pour un Ange, followed by ZETA and Noontide Petals. Amazing how different perfumes with so many ingredients keep reminding me of my childhood in Turkey in the 70s.

    And what İ love most about getting introduced to Tauer Perfumes is the possibility of reflecting on scents. İ’m enjoying enormously reading Andy’s Blog and all the comments.

    good Advent to everybody, love, Neşe

  19. Indeed, The Grand Hotel Budapest gets my vote as well- recently have been mesmarized by universe of Interstellar. Perfumewise- lot of discoveries, for example Promethee. Still have not tried Phi! Thank you for your draw!

  20. This year i discovered my all time favourite perfumes: Musc Ravageur, L’air du Desert Marocain, Aventus, Cuir Garamante and Tabac Rouge.

  21. My perfume highlight of the year has been one of Andy Tauer’s, his Phi Une Rose de Kandahar. Other significant highlights : a book, ‘How to be Both’ by Ali Smith which I found wonderful and joyous (even though it is partly about grieving) and secondly, I finally visited Morocco, which has been on my wish list for so so long.

  22. I recently enjoyed Interstellar on the big screen but my favorite movie seen in 2014 is “The Lunchbox”. I also smelled Bandit for the first time this year and cannot believe I waited so long. Merry Christmas and thanks for the generous draw.

  23. Sotto la Luna Gardenia was definitely a highlight for me. And Miriam, which I only just discovered, has been life-altering in it’s classy, vintage-y feel. Cinematically, the old noir “Laura” with Gene Tierney has been a major highlight of the year, harmonizing with the olfactory magic of the perfumes. 🙂

  24. Good afternoon, and thank for the draw!

    There have not been too many films I saw this year that were memorable-at least, in the theatre. Disney stuff is okay but we’re not all 3!

    So I will tell you about a film that was deeply moving-A Letter Never Sent. It’s a Criterion movie from the 1960’s. A group of young people of various backgrounds are required to search remote Siberia for diamonds. The magic of the movie is not the premise, or even the dialogue-it’s the actors and cinematography. Once you see this movie you will never look at flickering flames of fire in the same way. The images are so moving I could almost smell the fire and felt as if I wanted lungfuls of clean air.


  25. Mr Turner,Remnbrant at the National Gallery, seeing Ishiguro talk about Remains Of the day all highlights.

  26. Highlights for me included the discovery of Under Milk Wood, The Grand Budapest Hotel and Une Rose Chyprée! Thanks for the draw 🙂

  27. I discovered the anamorphic art of Bernard Pras which left me fairly speechless. I became a bit obsessed with his work and also anamorphic sand art.

    A couple of my favorite perfume discoveries were Incense Rose and Rose Flash by Andy Tauer, Rose Oud by Kilian and my rediscovery and understanding (and great love) of Chanel No 5.

    The film I enjoyed most was probably Blue Jasmine (from the previous year).

    Thank you for the opportunity and best wishes to everyone!

  28. This year I discovered many perfume blogs and I have been reading them and learning a lot since then.
    Favorite movie of the year at the actual movies: Edge of tomorrow. Not deep, granted, but fun indeed.

  29. Finally happy! As Andy suggested, I can play because I’ve found non-Croatian address. 2014 has been a year of “colognes”. I love Cologne du Maghreb a lot. It is also a year of Shelley Waddington’s fabulous Fiore di Bellagio. Happy holidays!

  30. I’ve discovered a classic, Arpege by Lanvin. I keep it on my desk and spritz routinely, drinking spiced tea and whiskey, and look at beautiful things from around the world. I’ve only samples of Tauer, but Andy himself is so enticing that I think of him often.

  31. Gore Vidal and William F. Buckley – Barbs and forgotten scents. My favorite is still L’Air du Desert Morocain.

  32. 2014… I guess I am still under impression of Le Mat by Mendittorosa. That would be my highlight of the year.

  33. Paddington Bear!! It was such a lovely surprise this year and a lovely way to remember my childhood!

  34. For me it was the discovery of A-ha songs, the beautiful city of Barcelona and perfume wise L’Air du Temps, Boudoir and Jasmin Noir.

  35. This year I saw a lot of movies, but not many from 2014 as I am not a big fan of those recently released and the one that I liked the most was The Grand Budapest Hotel.

    Thanks for the draw!

  36. If “La grande bellezza” is the most stirring film I have ever watched, it should not be surprising, that ” Incense rose” and “Phi” (I got it!!!) are my 2014 highlights. And as always, day by day- my cat;-)

  37. Highlights: a house, 2 stray cats (now cats of luxury), a log burner, great scents to sample & lots of sunshine fun with distant friends 🙂

  38. I loved Interstellar and I discovered The Hunger Games for the first time. Thank you for the draw. I also treasure my Carrillon pour un Ange.

  39. Pure and simple: beard oil.

  40. Good evening, Andy!

    I’ve expected so long for the new Xavier Dolan’s movie, “Mommy” – in addition, that is my cinematic highlight of this year. Where it comes to perfumery, must say I am really happy with my new bottle of discontinued Kingdom from Alexander McQueen!

    I wish you an enlighted happy holiday.

  41. I don’t like being a lemming, but I also enjoyed the Grand Budapest Hotel! I just received a sample of Zeta. It’s so different from what I usually wear. It’s one of those scents that I catch a whiff of, and wonder what smells so good.

  42. My highlight of the year is the help I got from people to maintain my garden. The garden is an allotment and a very special place for me, living in a crowded city. Because of physical problems I could no longer maintain it, but I did not want to lose it. It was not easy for me to ask for help but is was such a pleasure and a discovery to see that people were very willing to help. The days that I spent at the garden with ‘the garden group’ were wonderful, happy days, enjoying the garden, each others company and the meals we had and I really cherish them as some of the best days of 2014.
    Thanks for hosting the draw!

  43. The highlight of this year was discovering niche perfumery. Now, about 95% of the designer perfumes just seem…dull.

  44. My highlights of 2014 were spending a week in the Dominican Republic working with children, and starting a home renovation project. Thanks for hosting the draw today.

  45. Now deeply tempted by Best of Enemies! DIscoveries of this year included Lonestar Memories The Knick, and Transparent. Also, your perfume blog, read from the beginning.

  46. The only movie that moved me and made me chuckle in equal parts this year was The Skeleton Twins. Perfume Genius rocking a new bad attitude was also a refreshing highlight. And Patou’s 1000 captured my senses this year too. Thanks and season’s greetings!

  47. If “La grande bellezza” by Paolo Sorrentino is
    the most stirring film I have watched, it should
    not be surprising, that “Incense rose” and “Phi”
    (I got it!) are my 2014 highlights. And as always,
    day by day – my cat;-)

  48. This would be an incredible set to win, I would LOVE to have three 15ml bottles of Tauer fragrances! Lone Star Memories, LDDM, and Incense Extreme please 🙂

  49. In 2014 my favorite perfumes were Teracotta and Limon Verde from Guerlain and Junky from Jardins d’Ecrivains.
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  50. I haven’t tested much perfumes launched in 2014 but L Homme Ideal from Guerlain and Sotto La Luna Gardenia from Tauer Perfumes

  51. Highlight was being one of the few who watched the live tv play of “Peter Pan“! 🙂 🙂 I enjoyed it!

  52. My highlight this year is that I became a grandma!

  53. my 2014 highlight was that i discivered i enjoy photographing. Thanks!

  54. My perfume-highlight was re-release of Jour de Feté by L´Artisan Parfumeur, another was getting my homepage ready (so happy it´s finally done ! ), and some visits from far-away-living friends. 🙂

  55. Highlights… Discovering the scents of Tauerville. In particular, Carillon, Rose Flash, PHI, Rose Incense.. I could go on and on. Delightful.

  56. A highlight for me this year was discovering Apres L’Ondee 🙂 I’ve only tried one Tauer fragrance so far (Incense Extreme), but I have a feeling that will change in 2015!

  57. The highlight of my year was making a new dear friend, who unfortunately got cancer.
    I was fortunate enough to be able to help her as she underwent surgery and treatment.
    I look forward to some new Tauers in 2015.

  58. This was the year that I went deep into perfume. Andy Tauer’s perfumes (Rose Flash particularly) are a highlight as well as Tom Ford’s Patchouli Absolu, Diptyque’s Eau Duelle and Portrait of a Lady

  59. Perfume highlights from this year: Zelda, Rose Flash, Konig and just recently A City on Fire and Bull’s Blood.

  60. My highlights: my father turned 80 this year, I regained my love for cooking, found Thomas Piketty’s view refreshing and necessary, discovered the wonderful Duchess Marden’s Damascena Body Serum and last but not least the never ending love for niche and indie perfumes in general.

  61. Highlight of cinema for 2014 is Interstellar.

  62. Perfumes:Bogue MAAI,Serge Lutens Rose de Nuit,S-Perfume 100%Love,Amouage Fate(woman).Life:splashing about in the Mediterranean sea,lit candles and red roses in my golden vase,getting to know a couple of lovely people,a hot summer(in Ireland that’s very rare),pumpkin seed oil which I drizzle in nearly anything,writing very amateurishly about perfume,and many other small things.I think I’ve finally allowed the small things to cheer me up.Movies:none this year but I loved the last year’s “Blue is the warmest color”. Haven’t read a lot either but I’ve enjoyed Goldfinch and Shantaram.Thank you and Andy for this wonderful and generous draw!

  63. I stumbled upon an amazing artist this year, Her name is Daisy Giles. She has the most beautiful and ethereal portraits of women. They are colorful and sensual. Her self portrait most of all is haunting. It is my screen saver on my phone.

  64. My highlights of this year include finding so many great perfume blogs; finally finishing our downstairs reno; and watching my crazy twin boys go from being toddlers to preschoolers. Next year, I’d love to read more books, watch more (non-kid) movies, smell more perfumes, and finish my dissertation.

  65. For me, 2014 was a year of rediscovering the classics. I watched Grand Hotel, Ninotchka, and My Man Godfrey. I wore classic Guerlain fragrances, including L’Heure Bleue and Mitsouko and Parure. But I also indulged in a decant of my new classic, Tauer’s Incense Rosé,

  66. Guardians of the Galaxy was awesome and unexpected. Happy holidays to everyone!

  67. Thank you for hosting! 🙂 My highlights in film, off the top of my head, have been Zero Motivation, The Hunger Games Mockingjay and The Lego Movie! Not very high brow but all super enjoyable. In perfume: I haven’t tried many new releases. I’m dying to try the new Hiram Green perfume and the new EnVoyage offering Fiore di Bellagio. In mainstream perfume- Knot by Bottega Venetta is lovely.

  68. Some of my film highlights are Interstellar, Boyhood and Grand Budapest Hotel. And I finally signed up for a Japanese language class. I also found an older bottle of Mitsouko that I have enjoyed thoroughly. Thanks for the draw!

  69. Perfume highlight of 2014 so far for me was to get a Guerlain Chamade edp, and I still have a gift card I can use to get something more niche! I am really sorry the Tauer perfumes have become less easily availale with all those restrictions on shipping, same goes obviously for many other brands not sold locally.

  70. Film: Interstellar; play: Curious Incident of the dog in the Nighttime; perfume: L’Eau d’Hiver.

  71. I read Ishigaru’s Never Let Me Go, this year. I don’t remember a book ever making me cry before…

  72. It is so nice to have found your blog through the Advent Calendar drawing! The highlight of my year was easily the birth of my (hopefully first!) child, which has left me out of the loop on all matters cinema, art, and perfume. I look forward to catching up this winter.

  73. My highlights perfume-wise would definitely be 1996 by Byredo and Sideris by Maria Candida Gentile. Other than that I’m very glad to have come across the work of choreographer and dancer Raimund Hoghe.

  74. Pride, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Interstellar & Belle are the best films I watched in 2014. The best new perfume I gifted myself this year was Rose Flash 😉
    Thank you Brian & Andy for this!

  75. I don’t usually get a chance to watch new movies, but I checked Grand Budapest Hotel out from the library and it was fantastic. Love Wes Anderson.

  76. My highlight of the year was seeing Twelfth Night with Mark Rylance as Olivia at an old theater in New York and seeing my video-game-loving thirteen-year old son laugh aloud and shout bravo. For perfume– not at all a new release–but I “discovered” how beautiful Bois des Iles parfume extrait is.

  77. Thinking back, 2014 was a pretty good year with numerous highlights, mostly of personal nature. Getting the new job and having some extra cash to spend of perfume was one of them.

  78. One of my highlights this year was a trip to Europe. It brought the chance to sample (and buy) some perfumes not available where I live.

  79. The highlight of my year was the two weeks I spent in New England, swimming in the blissfully mild Atlantic and grilling cod under the fireflies! Thanks for the chance to dip into Andy Tauer’s work.

  80. This year, my two favorite Taur acquisitions have been Une Rose de Kandahar and Miriam. One of my greatest desires in life is to see scientific awareness spread throughout the world and it is not a surprise one of the most inspiring people for me is Carl Sagan. Thus, I give a huge applause to Interstellar because we need more films like that that can discreetly educate people in the disguise of entertainment and make them more curious about the universe so that they realize we are still ‘wanderers’ who have finally left the shores of cosmic ocean and set sail towards the stars as Sagan would have said. For this choice, I cannot help but include Carillon Pour Un Ange as my first choice, thus, my choices are :

    1. Carillon Pour Un Ange
    2. Une Rose Chypree
    3. Lonestar Memories

    I reside in the US

  81. My highlights from 2014 include my discovery of the Via del Profumo line and finally exploring Tauer’s Pentachords. Along those lines I’ve come to love gourmand notes more than I would have guessed, so I guess I’ve grown a bit as a reference lover, too!

  82. Perfume highlights: Iris Pudre, Lyric and Fate Woman, Cuir Ottoman, Une Rose Vermeille.

  83. I really liked Guardians of the Galaxy this year. Also, I only really got into perfume in the last year so I guess you could say perfume in general was a big discovery for me. I especially love my bottle of Diptyque L’Eau Trois. Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

  84. Rose Flash and Terracotta Le Parfum. Thanks for the draw!

  85. Some 2014 highlights for me were Grand Budapest Hotel, the music of M. Ward (who’s been around a while), and Comme des Garçons 3 (which has also been around a while!).

    Thanks very much for this generous draw.

  86. It’s been an interesting year. Some highlights from 2014 include: happening upon an exhibit of erotic art in Tokyo, reading “The Luminaries” by Eleanor Catton, and wearing Musc Koublai Khan to visit a Mongolian shaman. The other perfume highlight was getting a little bottle of Marni as a 50th birthday present for myself
    Thanks for hosting the draw, and enjoy the holidays.

  87. Thanks for hosting today Brian! I have so many highlights for 2014 – Vero Profumo Rozy, En Voyage Perfumes Fiore di Bellagio, DSH Perfumes Scent of Hope. (And I finally got to try Ingrid – loved it!!) I have also gotten to meet some of my online perfume friends in real life, which has been really great.

  88. Highlights of 2014 – a new job that is challenging but one I am enjoying and finding rewarding, spending time with my family and friends, and discovering Manahattan’s (the cocktail).

  89. I can’t believe it is time to drum the highlights for this year. Time is a-flying. My highlight this year is a ten month old named Alice. She has kept me from art and cinema and perfume but I have loved every second and look forward to exposing her to much of those in the years ahead.

  90. I had no perfume discoveries in 2014 (I made two purchases, both known quantities), so I guess the big highlight of my year was a week-long trip to Chicago, which Canadians do not even really consider as a destination when they’re planning a visit to the US (we generally go to California, Florida, or New York). Chicago is an ASTONISHING city, with great architecture and museums and extraordinarily friendly people. When I got back I couldn’t wait to read about its history.

    • You’re welcome back any time!
      Come back for more of the Art Institute, and another architecture tour. Restaurant recommendations: The Girl and the Goat, and Blackbird.

      – Lisa P, proud Chicagoan.

  91. lots of documentaries. private violence was very heavy swedish house mafia’s leave the world behind was very fun. neil young’s new book. last cd by pink floyd. the all too fleeting beautiful 10 corso como and andy’s beautiful and wonderfully lingering rose flash. thank you for the draw!

  92. the biggest highlight was adopting 2 adult kitties from the shelter. they’ve been the biggest joy! odie is a 9 yr-old ragdoll & kazuya is a 6 yr-old american curl. we often can’t leave the house because we’d rather hangout with the cats!!!

    the other highlight is diving headfirst into fragrance as a hobby & rediscovering many of the classic chypres i’d grown up with: aromatics elixir, paloma picasso, halston, givenchy III, magie noire, etc.

    thank you for this generous offer!

  93. Movies: “Under the skin” (with Mrs. Scarlett Johansson) by Mr. John Glazer, and “White Bird in a Blizzard” by Mr. Gregg Araki. Music: Royksopp & Robyn – “Monument”, and Little Dragon album, “Nabuma Rubberband”. Painting: the work of Winston Chmielinski. I am very new to experiencing fragrances, but I did like the 10th Anniversary John Varvatos one. It smells not so much metallic, but rather like the synesthetic appearance of a metallic surface. Thanks!

  94. Hmm, movies that I really enjoyed this year were Nightcrawler and Birdman. I also know these ones are much older, but are new discoveries to me, and have thoroughly enjoyed watching the enchanting Fanny and Alexander in its Made-For-TV format and a very sweet Italian film by Visconti, Le Notti Bianche. And of course, so much exciting perfume fun this year as well! A bottle of Chanel Beige, falling in love with Clair de Musc, and Parfum de Nicolai’s Une Temps D’Une Fete. Thanks so much as always for the advent calendar fun!

  95. Highlights from this year…whew, some were bad, like the most funerals I’ve ever attended in a year, and the most repair work I’ve ever had to have done to my vehicle…but on a happier note, I have tried more scents outside of my comfort zone this year and found new notes to enjoy (like wet earth in 2ndCumming for example), and found another Tauer I fell madly, passionately I love with (PHI), and made some fabulous new perfumista friends that have brightened my world considerably. Thank you Brian and Andy for the giveaway! 🙂 Happy Holidays!

  96. I just got into perfumes this year, but a few highlights include: Tauer Perfumes-Le Maroc pour Elle, SL-Tubereuse Criminelle, CdG-Kyoto, OJ-Ormonde Woman. Art hightlights include Sebastião Salgado’s magnificent show at the International Center of Photography and Killer Heels at the Brooklyn Museum. Thank you for hosting this give away!

  97. This year I finally read The Hobbit, and feel like I understand all the movie in middle earth better. Also the Rene Magritte show at the Chicago Art Institute was amazing! My personal highlight was commitment to exercise. Thanks for the draw and happy holidays!

  98. A couple highlights from 2014:
    •exceptional releases from Zoologist Perfume
    •new album from Angus & Julia Stone
    •TV – the Fallen

  99. Highlights of 2014 include Lonestar Memories, Le Labo Santal 33, and creamed local honey from upstate NY 🙂 Thanks so much!

  100. Thanks for the draw. Highlights for fragrances this year were Guerlain Jicky, Amouage Fate Man, and House of matriarch Blackbird.

  101. I have a perfume that for over 30 years i hac no idea what the name was because it’s Russian. I posted a picture to a facebook group i belong to and within 10 minutes a member identified it. I sent him a decant to thank him. He loved it so much he bought a bottle for himself and one for me. Now i know the name of the perfume, where to get it, received a new bottle and best of all made a new friend. The perfume is Krasnaya Moskva. My highlight…

  102. Perfume highlights include Aedes de Venustas Signature, Serge Lutens La Fille de Berlin, Jomalone Dark Amber and Ginger Lily. Woohoo for the draw!

  103. Lys du Desert by AT along with LeLabo Benjoin have been my favorites! Lys du Desert NEVER fails to create compliments galore. This is by far the most “me” perfume that I own.

  104. Two perfumers: Andrea Maack’s Coven, Nasomatto’s Black Afgano
    Tech geekiness: Not new to the world, but new to me — 1960s Dieter Rams-designed Braun SK 61 radiogram, otherwise known as “Snow White’s Coffin”

    3 things I love right now

  105. I fell back in love with amber scents, I had taken a bit of a hiatus after having ambers and musk as my go to for so long, but now we are back together and it’s been very nice, so many to discover everyone has an amazing amber! Movies that I can recall are Obvious Child and Malificent. Television, Jeffrey Tambor in Transparent. Two books that I really enjoyed more on paper than the big screen were, This is Where I Leave You and Gone Girl. Specific fragrances, I picked up too many as usual, but I did get my bottle of Zeta; a go to day time fragrance. Also, a few Miller Harris scents that are so easy to wear with anything.

  106. no excellent movies, but I did get hooked on sherlock this year! and for perfume, discovered the maria candida gentile line in a little independent shop and fell in love with noir tropical.

  107. My annual discovery was a beauty of old masterpieces, e.g. Diva by Ungaro. Also my impressions from the trip around China, Tibet and Nepal. All unforgettable. Many thanks for the drawing.

  108. I really liked Maleficent , and am looking forward to seeing the last Hobbit film soon. I enjoyed finding Si Lolita this year and just got a backup bottle the day before yesterday. I’ve tried a few of Andy’s works from samples bought from Luckyscent but found it too hard to decide on only one!

  109. Thank you for this wonderful draw! My highlights are Sotto la Luna, Incense Extreme, Incense Rose and Noontide Petals. Actually, discovering Andy Tauer’s creations has been THE highlight of 2014:)

  110. one of the highlights of this year for me was discovering the music of Agnes Obel. Thanks for the draw.

  111. Dies Day is beautiful! I wish You all a gud Day too. My Favoriten flagranc at the Moment is PHI

  112. A recent 2014 highlight was seeing some fabulous live Chicago blues music in an intimate venue here in LA. Musicians included Barry Goldberg, Marcy Levy, Terry Reid and friends. Thanks for the drawing!

  113. Thank you for the draw! Some discoveries…hmmm….
    This year the discoveries have mainly been in other areas. I saw Swan Lake for the first time and it was amazing!
    Lots of films, funny ones, moving ones, beautiful ones. All the animated ones I saw were great. I watched Wajda with my youngest sister which lead to lots of interesting discussion. Fanie Fourie’s Lobola was funny and sweet and well-observed. The documentaries Who Is Dayani Cristal? and The Act of Killing were each so powerful.

    There are many I still want to see, like Boyhood and Interstellar and now Letters Never Sent. And many scents I still want to try!

  114. I think I haven’t seen any new movies (it has been a busy year)! Perfume-wise I the highlights have been Wit by DelRae and Or du Serail by Naomi Goodsir. I also tried Sotto la Lune Gardenia by Andy yesterday and liked it a lot. I have to experiment a bit more with my sample to see whether it will be a highlight, though:)

  115. I discovered Virginia Woolf’s novels this year. So that would be my discovery of the year: the love for her writings and for this way of writing named ‘stream of consciousness’. Thanks!

  116. This year is mostly highlighted by the people that I meet…

  117. Some of my perfume highlights of 2014 were: Vero Profumo Mito, and also Kiki from the same line. I also love SL L’Orpheline. My litterary highlights of this year are Marisha Pessl, I love “Night Film” and perhaps even more her debut ” Special Topics in Calamity Physics”. Brilliant!

  118. My highlight of the year was a fabulous trip to Berlin – resulting in a new found perfume love, April Aromatics’ Nectar of Love’. My love of Andy’s perfumes continued this year, with Noontide Petals and PHI being two of my most worn scents. Thank you for the opportunity to take part.

  119. I saw quite a few good concerts and resolve to continue in 2015.

  120. My perfume highlight was 24 gold!

  121. I loved watching the macklemore concert i went to and my perfume highlight would be flowerbomb!

  122. I liked aqua di gio

  123. Calvary the film moved me intensely this year. Honest, rough-hewn, serious, heroic.

  124. Thank you for hosting! 🙂 My highlights in film, off the top of my head, have been Zero Motivation, The Hunger Games Mockingjay and The Lego Movie! Not very high brow but all super enjoyable. In perfume: I haven’t tried many new releases. I’m dying to try the new Hiram Green perfume and the new EnVoyage offering Fiore di Bellagio. In mainstream perfume- Knot by Bottega Venetta is lovely.
    (sorry if there’s a double post but I think something went wrong in the first time I tried to comment and I would like to participate).

  125. This year saw me through some struggles, but they brought me to where I am now and I can appreciate that. My favorite notes in fragrance have been amber and powdery rose, which I turn to for comfort. I haven’t seen enough films this year! That will change in the next, I suspect.

  126. This year has been one of the most turbulent for me, featuring both good and bad. The good prevailing <3 Highlights have been a couple of swimming competitions I took part in, an encounter that shook my whole world, and naturally perfume discoveries. You may ask if I associate the first two with particular perfumes – of course 😉

  127. Highlight was definitely traveling in France and Spain, I discovered Kate Atkinson’s books (Case Histories, Life After Life) and the Mona di Orio line

  128. Excuse me, i don’t want to write my real name. Thank you to correct if it possible..

  129. My highlight of 2014: to listen a concert of Nigel Kennedy!
    Thank you four your draw.

  130. Hmmm…my post disappeared, oh well…movie highlight had to be watching Gravity,knowing nothing about it other than it starring two great comic actors, and waiting for the laughs 🙂 Perfume highlight, Andy’s Sotto La Luna Gardenia.

  131. I rarely go to the pictures so it will have to be perfume. My vote goes to La Panthère, which shows that interesting fragrances are still developed by mainstream houses.

  132. One more vote for Grand Budapest Hotel. Thank you for the opportunity and have a nice 2nd advent

  133. Pick me pick me

  134. I`ve got you to thank for discovering Boudoir, I wanted to try it after reading your Dozen Roses post, and this year I finally managed to find an original formula bottle. And I love it! Another nice surprise was Majda Bekkali`s Mon nom est Rouge, which my brother got me for my birthday as I love Orhan Pamuk`s novel. But getting to finally see Dali`s Divine Comedy watercolors tops everything else!

  135. Highlights for me include the Alexander Quartet’s recording of Brahms’ String Quartets and Quintets, and Diptyque coming to my local Nordstrom.

  136. Yep. Interstellar is pretty good. Pity, don’t have any news from Andy this year, but I really love some of his creations.

  137. Since my first attempt at commenting doesn’t seem to have worked, I’ll try again:

    My highlights perfume-wise must have been 1996 by Byredo and Sideris by Maria Candida Gentile. Unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to get to know any more Tauers, so an Explorer Set would be highly appreciated 😉

    Other than that, I’m really glad that I discovered the work of choreographer and dancer Raimund Hoghe.

  138. “Magical Girl” has been the movie of the Year.

  139. I enjoyed a few new released films this year. My favourite so far is Gone Girl. I always enjoyed Fincher’s films discussing about social phenomena while still remaining very entertaining. Gone Girl has some interesting twists. It’s a fum film to watch, with an underlying darkness lurking around.

    The new Godzilla is also very interesting, with its special angle from a human to the majestic yet mysterious monster, a bit similar to ‘Monster’ by the same director. I love them both.

  140. En Voyage perfumes Fiore di Bellagio is my favorite new perfume release. Zoya’s Ignite nail polish collection is my favorite new beauty product. I feel this was not a great year for the movies.

  141. music: Lady Gaga singing together with Tony Bennet wonderful pieces of the Great American Songbook, as Cheek to Cheek, I Can’t Give You Anything But Love, The Lady is a Tramp and so on.

    literature: The Architects Apprentice by Elif Shafak

    perfume: Some of Tauer Perfumes, like Charillon pour un Ange, ZETA and Noontide Petals

    Thanks for the draw and best regards.

  142. I too loved guardians of the galaxy , I am excited about NPR’s 2014 book concierge – I live in ms and there are some days where it is cold enough to wear ambers- I love LDDM carrilion de ange and Maroc pour Elle – the only Tauer I own a bottle of is LDDM

  143. As an explorer, I may be on a time lag, but here are some of my favorite discoveries this year: Tauer Le Maroc pour Elle, singer Kate McGarry, artist Shinique Smith, writer Bell Hooks. Thank you for the drawing!

  144. I moved back to Toronto from a city and environment that I really didn’t enjoy. It’s so great to be back. Enjoying the people, the light, the weather…everything. Perfume-wise it was a quiet year, but I plan to make up for it in 2015.

  145. For me the highlight was in at last getting to start working as a counsellor, and the amazing privilege of working with my clients.

  146. Discovering Kenzo Flower Oriental. A bottle is on its way to me.

  147. Highlight of 2014: Kitaro concert and POAL for me.

  148. Highlights of 2014: Citizenfour and the re-release of PHI!

  149. I didn’t see any great movies or read any good books, but my perfume highlights were Rossy de Palma and Voleur de roses. So If I had a lot luck and I would win this se would I pick one or two Andy’s roses for it.

  150. For me, the highlight of 2014 was to finish my Master’s degree! What a relief!

  151. I’ve been loving perfumes all my life but discovered niche fragrances just couple of years ago ( Thanks to Fragrantica and the links to great blogs I found there). Let’s say my 2014 discovery is Diptyque and I’m currently loving L’Ombre dans L’Eau and Philosykos.
    I can not remember any movie that left as big of impression so I would talk about it or think about it even on the next day. So for my art experience of 2014 I will chose Rene Magritte’s expo at Art institute of Chicago.
    Best cultural experience; a trip to the great city of San Francisco with my husband, my daughter and my dog.
    I loved it all – especially the people. OK, the climate not so much. But definitely worth every gust of wind.

  152. So many thought-provoking movies this year, especially The Giver and Divergent. Perfume-wise, I have come to love neroli for both its sweet and bitter parts. My current favorite is Seville a L’aube. I would love to try some of Andy Tauer’s creations as my appreciation for perfume is constantly evolving.

  153. Thank you for the giveaway! Highlights of the year are You Shall Know Our Velocity by Dave Eggers (not a new book, but new to me) and Eau de Missions cologne (again, not new, but new to me!)

  154. Discovering Tauer perfumes was my scent highlight of 2014! Cinema: Hector or the search for happiness. Brilliant!

  155. I re-discovered Jean Patou Joy this year, there is something fabulously sweet and nectar-like that just brings a smile to my face.

  156. “Loretta” is my true love.. I like everything Art Deco, and to me, this scent is what puts the final touch. Absolutely beautiful creation. Timeless.

  157. my favourite movie this year was The Grand Budapest Hotel
    scentwise I was totally happy to get to know Vero Kern’s Rozy, Rubj and Onda

    and I totally envy Joley for the Nigel Kennedy concert 🙂

    thank you so much for the draw 🙂

  158. Movie highlight of the year – probably Grand Budapest Hotel. L’air de panache! I wonder what that would smell like…
    Music-wise, for me, was discovering Yasmine Hamdan’s beautiful singing.
    Perfume-related highlight of the year was going to the mediterranean and sitting under a fig tree on a sunny day, and they smell just amazing. I never liked fig notes in perfume, but now I’ve got a new appreciation of it. I’ve been sampling all fig perfumes like crazy.

  159. the highlight for me was purchasing a new house that we can make into a proper family home. we are not quite ready to move in for christmas, so next christmas will be extra special hopefully

  160. Hello and thank you for hosting the draw, Brian!
    Cinema highlights – The Grand Budapest Hotel, Interstellar.
    Perfume highlights released this year: Cologne du Maghreb (pitty, I don’t know Phi) from Tauer perfumes, Puredistance Black, Au Pays de la Fleur d’Oranger Violette Sacree and Rose Irisee, Comme des Garcons Monocle Scent Tree: Sugi, Le Gallion Sortilege, April Aromatics Ray of Light.

  161. My personal highlights for 2014 include that I managed to quit smoking and as a true revelation to my nose: the wonderful PHI une rose de Kandahar

  162. Not sure if I’m supposed to be commenting again this is day 7 but the same blog post as day 6. But either way thanks for the draw. I know no other business that is this generous during the holidays. It sure beats an artificial discount. Thank you!

  163. A highlight this year was finding a beehive in an old tree stump. Amazing to see the bees going about their business, and the way they built the hive in the space available.

    As always, thanks for the giveaway!

  164. Perfume highlights this year: Chamade, which I bought a full bottle of. Also, bought all 3 pursesprays – Loretta, Ingrid & Miriam. I love Andy’s fragrances because they are so unique! As for films, I hardly go out to new movies anymore because they mostly don’t interest me. But I watch lots of great old ones – recently I watched Visconti’s Il Gattopardo for the first time, which I found overwhelming.

  165. For me the highlight was PHI–une rose de Kandahar. Thank you so much for the draw!

  166. Looks like I’m too late for the draw, but I wanted to say how much I love that photo. I attended a number of book signings by Gore Vidal and he was always gracious and of course, erudite.

  167. In case this is a new draw for December 7th, :), the perfume that was a highlight and continues to be a highlight, is Andy’s PHI. Andy has this talent of creating something that is familiar and extraordinary at the same time. Not an easy task.

  168. Ultimate highlight: Andy’s Rose flash. I was very fortunate to acquire some before it sold out. It’s a fragrance miracle.

  169. My favourite scent of all time is L’air du desert Marocain, and I am so glad that I have found it. As for films, I have many that I love, but Amelie springs to mind as one of my favourites. I hope I’m down for the draw!

  170. Perfume highlights: Andy’s PHI; Mona di Orio Vanille; and Guerlain Bois d’Armenie. All are beautiful treasures! Thanks to Andy for his generosity and Merry Christmas to all.

  171. Not many highlights this year as it was personally a bad year. One highlight though was getting a full bottle of Le Maroc pour Elle. So addictive and makes me smile each time I wear it.

  172. My favorite movie this year was the Budapest Hotel. I also enjoyed Boyhood, which I watched on the Singapore Airlines flight. They are always a good source for movies that don’t come to my Texas town. I went perfume sample mad this year and haven’t been able to get through all of them.

  173. Thank you for doing this advent calendar again this year.
    My highlights this year are:
    Live Local Music: Really appreciate some of our local musicians who create some fantastic music. I have seen some great shows.
    Art: My friend landed a grant for public art. I was lucky enough to see the fabrication at a local factory. Meet some very creative people. Amazing what these people can do with “light.”
    Family&Friends: Some of the simple things- meeting up with my sister to visit our dad. And meeting up w/ friends on Thursday nights. What a few good belly-laughs can do for the soul.

  174. Highlights of 2014 for me were retiring and moving to my little dream home. Of course, now the workmen are tramping in and out as I renovate, but that will soon be over. I look forward to the Advent Calendar each season-thanks!

  175. My highlight of the year is being able to start my collection of perfumes again after many years of being able just to buy only one at a time and use it until it was gone before I could buy another one. Now I can choose which one I want to wear from a big variety including one of my favorites, Miriam.

  176. Perfume highlights:

    Phi, Rose Flash and exploring Barney’s Las Vegas for hard to find niche fragrances.

  177. My highlight this year was The Immigrant! Such a gorgeous movie.

  178. Earlier this year, I have discovered L’air Du Desert Marocain and since then, everything else seems one dimensional. It seems like the perfume and me share some past life, or a history…There is a strange familiarity there. I still cannot define what it is and where is it coming from. Maybe it reminds me of something I smelled in my dreams, many years ago. Thank you for the feeling I get every time I put it on.

  179. My highlight will be Christmas in my own new home with all of my family.

  180. My highlight of the year was a 2-week holiday in Corsica in April.

  181. I was always wore some kind of fragrance since I was a teen, but in 2014 I discovered perfume collections on youtube, perfume blogs, the A-Z Guide, samples, and niche!

  182. To take a vacation

  183. Highlights for my 2014 include my daughter’s first birthday party (chocolate frosting EVERYWHERE hahaha!), my return to dancing hula after giving birth last year, visits with my sis and her little boy, and lots of pumpkin bread. Thank you for hosting the draw!

  184. My highlight this year has been discovering the Amouage line. I’m looking forward to trying Tauer’s perfumes.

    Thanks for the draw.

  185. Some of my favorites from 2014 are: growing a few new plants this growing season, such as purple verbena, sampling lots of perfumes new to me (I am awaiting a sample of Phi Une Rose de Kandehar, due to arrive mid-week), becoming better friends with some of my neighbors and discovering a few long lost friends on Facebook.

  186. Hello Andy, Christmas again and one of my favourite events – your Advent calendar. Highlights for 2014 were becoming more engaged in plant based eating and cooking. I love vetiver and patchouli and look forward to trying Vetiver Dance.

    Thanks Andy, your calendar has become a Christmas tradtion.

  187. Film favorite. The 75th anniversary series of classic 1939 films at my local Art Deco era movie theater. Live music favorite: the mountain music festival in eastern Kentucky.

  188. yes i think Andy’s perfumes are different. just total different quality, or the impact they have.
    ah highlights from 2014…i havent so much money for exploring perfumes , but i love films. for this year… hmm.. “stories we tell” “La jalousie” are really good… and “Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky”… they made me think and i love them.
    thank you for the chance for draw!

  189. I spent my first full winter in Canada this year and wore L’Air du Désert Marocain and PHI Une Rose de Kandahar. It was a beautiful fragrant winter. That Vidal/Buckley movie looks great, thanks for mentioning it and thanks to you and Andy for the draw!

  190. The highlight of my year was the birth of my first child! I’ve also made some great friends this year. 🙂 Thanks for the draw!

  191. My favorite movie of 2014 was “Only Lovers Left Alive”…. Getting a Reiki Master Certification…. And always, spending loads of time with my nieces and nephew.

  192. I have only just “discovered” a wonderful music artist–Son Little–and his small album of singles has quickly jumped to my favorites list. Thanks for the draw!

  193. I have just recently discovered your rose themed parfumes and they are incredible

  194. Birth of my daughter and watching her grow up, learn new skills and getting excited about her new discoveries.

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