Sep 112014
This Once Scene in Paper Moon Involving Evening in Paris Perfume

Paper Moon, 1973 Directed by Peter Bogdanovich Featuring Ryan O’Neal and Tatum O’Neal When Addie’s mother dies, Moses Pray, a former suitor slash john shows up at the funeral. The funeral is decidedly middle of nowhere, prairie in all directions, and other than Pray, and discounting the droning preacher, only maybe two people have attended: [read more…]

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Sep 102014
Artist Alphabet: Joel Parsons, K for Kitsch

Before I could bring myself to say out loud that I was interested in boys or cock or next-level faggotry, I said that I was interested in kitsch. I collected doe-eyed figurines and listened to torch songs while bathing in the light of LED devotional statues, pretending all the while that I was doing it [read more…]

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Aug 292014
Lurking: Paprika Steen's Instagram Page

This picture appeared on Paprika Steen‘s Instagram page 1w ago. Every once in a while, lurking and scrolling, I see a picture, like this one, and wonder what’s going on… What’s going on? Where was this picture taken? Paprika: At The shooting of the intro to Danish Dancing With The Stars. My legs and my [read more…]

Aug 272014
Letter to a Guy in Flip Flops

Yes You, In your American Eagle T and your madras shorts. You in your meticulously frayed baseball cap, which bears the insignia of a camp you’ve never lost your virginity at, let alone been to, or heard of. You with the boxers peeking out at your waistline, a look you stole from people you wish [read more…]

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Aug 212014
Work in Progress: Tammy Parker on a Fragrance She Didn't Know She Was Looking For Until It Was In The Beaker

Tammy Parker has been making fragrances for several years now under the working name Poetry Bath. You go over to her studio and there are walls of ambery essences and tinctures and absolutes and a lovely clean woody smell permeating the air. Lots of sweet orange and bergamot. Balsams. Big aluminum containers which get decanted [read more…]

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Aug 182014
Lauren (and Joel): Mississippi, July 2014

We were in Taylor, Mississippi to see a show at Yalo Gallery involving quilts. There was a watermelon festival right down the street, so in all the windows there was what I guess you’d call unironic watermelon art. Lauren drove. I rode shotgun. Joel sat in back dispensing Funyons and Gummi Bears. At some point, [read more…]

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Aug 012014
Cam Archer, Santa Cruz, October 2013

Every month or so Cam and I talk on the phone. He texts me, usually after 10, to see if I’m around, and we stay on the phone for several hours. I feel like I talk mostly. I always think, He must be recording me, because he’s letting me go on and on. If I [read more…]

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